Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Whistler of a Weekend

   The weekend began with this gentleman dressed to the 9s as my Friday model. When he walked in all I could complain about (before the 75 min session even began) was that I needed more time to work with him and that I was regretful to not have brought my paints. I told him on a break in reference to his attire, "This is what artists like Whistler
"Gordon" -12"x12" charcoal
 had to deal with all the time, the poor guy," I added sarcastically.
   The next day after returning from a community garden on fox island, (drawing mustard plants) I passed this most beautiful classical car, parked on the side of a road, with not a soul (nor building) in site. My 1st thought was 'Auh, Gordon's auto' with a chuckle but then I started thinking, 'How many times do you see something like this in the middle of nowhere?' Now I'm considering finding the owner so that I can set up some sessions to paint the beauty... a piece to keep the Kiblinger painting company.

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