Saturday, June 15, 2013

Did somebody move my car?

1930 Dussenberg 12x18 graphite
   Okay, its my own fault for lack of time, but (sigh) "Bummer!" I was working on a sustained drawing of weekly visits to the La May's to draw the Dussenberg with no less than 12 hours invested. I got busy with other work and wasn't able to return for 3 weeks and when I returned- I didn't see my car where I left it... at the top of the Ford collection. Apparently somebody moved my car to make room for another in front of it. The nerve of the driver of that other car parking in front of mine!!! Just like a real parking lot.
   Needless to say, the perspective's changed, the lighting has changed... The good news- I'm done with the drawing. Further more when I went to look for my other car the 1914 Cadillac that I left parked on the 1st floor, not only was it also moved (same place different position) but my bench had been replaced with still another car. Sneaky little museum giving us variety. I'm just finishing drawings left at right- by chance. That will teach me to stay away too long! Now if I can just get the museum to put the hoods down on all those cars I saw last Thursday... I think it is a Father's day weekend special thing they are doing.

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