Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Mocking Fountain

   When attending a plein air event 2 weeks ago, I was looking for inspiration. Many times had I been to this particular location painting so I was looking for a new challenge when I saw it... a green water fountain. No not a water fountain painted green but rather a mossy fountain for people to drink from... it was too unusual. Not intending to plague my precious landscape observation time, I turned my back on the little fountain to again paint a scene which was poorly lit- not something I saw as inspirational.
"Mocking Fountain" 6x8 oil on linen
    On breaks I glanced at the mocking fountain that screamed of sarcasm. It was far more distracting than my subject, yet I studiously continued the study of repetition. Maybe 2 hours later I finished the  'scape (glad it was small) and scoffed at the mocking fountain but it was the model that got the last laugh! The more I looked the more  I saw the beauty in it's geometric harmony of composition enhanced by it's blue/green subject against it's yellow red background. The time invested in my mocking fountain was personally one that "made" the outing worth while.

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