Monday, August 25, 2014

Undercolor studies

green flower study on red- 12x12 oil on paper
    I recall when I was experimenting with watercolor paint how I would do apple after apple study in front of a north facing window. I must have done 25-30 different apples before being able to teach myself a way to make them work. Unsatisfied with the results, I moved on to oil studies again with the apples but this time paying specific attention to the color and shape that made a deep crimson short round "macintosh" differ from a cad red, taller "red delicious" type of apple. The most fun to all these silly studies was not only could I name that apple on site but the challenge to find an apple I never met before.
    Much like the apples, I did flower studies on opposite and textured colored backgrounds for practice on how undercolors work in oil painting. I did a dozen studies last spring in a "share project" and enjoyed the practice of this series so much that I thought to consider picking it up again next winter. Then I found some flowers I never met before!!!  They were the elusive green flowers so difficult to find when you are practicing all colors of flowers on all opposite colors of background. Hence I got inspired to return to the series despite plein air season where the the majority of my production is outdoor ...'scapes. At least I am using natural light source instead of the studio lighting from last spring. I doubt that I will be as productive as 2 a week (like last spring) but if the unusual flowers keep sneaking in town... who knows?

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