Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Paddle project in progress.

   Currently I am working on 2 pieces of sculpture for the Peninsula Arts League fund raiser. This paddle project will be one of many artworks to be displayed among the local businesses before being auctioned at the Gig Harbor Yacht Club summer 2015.
   My intention is to convert the paddle into a concept piece of which has a theme to integrate wood and water through nature via the great grey owl. The paddle portion shows a river in which specific specialty feathers (6 different kinds that make up the head of the owl) have been carved (subtractive sculpture) in low relief to look as if they are floating down the stream. The top handle portion will be sculpted (additive sculpture)  into the owl's head.
   This is one of the lower portions (work in progress) after having carved and painted the feathers. I then stained the blue water portion. After taking the image I covered it in a high gloss material to simulate water. Meanwhile I am slowly sculpting the top of the head at the other end.
                                                                    To be continued...

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