Monday, September 3, 2012

Magic in the garden.

                                         (The Magic Moment 9"x12")
   One day after painting onsite at a property, I had lost the light of the project I was working on so packed up to go home about 7. While carrying the gear to the car, I caught site of this little scene and saw the potential so stayed to watch the light quickly changing. My instincts paid off because 20 minutes later a lighting vealed itself in an explosion of inspirational color lasting only 7 minutes before the sunset ceased and all fell to cool shadow. A few days later I returned to the very place, had my panel roughed in of the drawing and all I recalled of that day just waiting for that "magic". My limited abilities didn't do it justice but I was able to create a close likeness that has the feel and shall always remind me of the beauty I witnessed that day.

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