Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fresh as an... Iris.

"Iris study" 12x12 oil on paper
   The newest thing to come off the easel is this flower study completed ala prima 5 days ago. It is the final work of a 3 month experiment I refer to as the 12"x12" project. The challenge was to format a collection of absolute guidelines in which to build a collection of works themed in one subject.
    I chose flowers to paint on complementary color backgrounds. Sometimes in portraits and other times in bouquets, I have created a dozen studies of flowers ranging from red roses on green backgrounds to violet irises against yellow doing a different pair of complementary colors each week. While I would like to continue this series (perhaps under different criteria) the practice will take sabbatical as the plein air season has begun and studio work will wane away again until winter. Stay informed as the news for upcoming art to be exhibited will be posted here.

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