Sunday, May 4, 2014

New work exhibits at the Civic Center May 1st - June 15th.

Netshed show postcard
In all the silence, Studio-G has been pretty busy producing  new works for the Netshed Show. There are 2 large works that are companion pieces dealing in the theme of opposites. Using opposing colors (blue and brown) I pushed the graphic nature of relief printing with the yielding soft nature of painting. While both of the works focus on the strengths of architecture and texture so prevalent to such historical structures, they contrast the feasibility of their nature with the modern still life found in the contents of such interiors. One view is perceived from the outside looking in while the other piece is viewed from the inside looking out. Although they are very different  for all you fans who prefer my usual plein air work, there is a 3rd piece in the other style, oil paint on gessoboard.  It was a fantastic thought provoking project I had the pleasure joining for the first show of the year. Come enjoy the artwork my fellow talented community artists as we come together to commemorate these historical Netsheds.  Enjoy. 
Neshed#14 (Babach)
"Reflections, from the outside looking in"
24x32 -mixed media relief print

Netshed Challenge Show
 May 1st-June 15th
Civic Center 
3510  Grandview
Gig Harbor, WA
M-F 8am-5pm

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